Worksite 5: Bridge to Scrub

Commenced 2023

As one of the new sites in the landscape project Re-establishing Biodiversity in Sustainable Riparian Habitats of the Sixth Creek this worksite is contributing to the continuity of the riparian rehabilitation. It will create a link between the original Merchants Road site and Burdetts Scrub, with rehabilitation of the central water way and riparian zones and including the lower section of Sheoak Creek.

Due to the mostly self-funded works and personal efforts of the current and past landholders Worksite 5 is essentially now at the same stage of rehabilitation as Worksite 1. ie while there is still some follow up work required, the major invasive weeds including Willow, Blackberry, Broom, Arundo and Periwinkle have largely been controlled.

The next stage of watercourse restoration is outlined in the Sixth Creek Merchants Road Riparian Zone Restoration Plan prepared in November 2019, a document which will also guide the work in Worksite 5. Proposed works focus on commencing a program of careful and gradual eradication of invasive weeds including Cyperus ergostus, Cologne Mint, Ranunculus, Wandering Jew, Arum Lilies and introduced grasses through a targeted spray program by a specialist contractor supported by volunteer/landholder hand weeding and spot spraying.

Some re-vegetation using native species, particularly where there is an increased risk of bank erosion in high flood events due to weed removal, will also be undertaken.

The principal aim of the proposed weed eradication program is to encourage and protect natural regeneration of original plants which notably is already occurring in some areas.

Where re-vegetation is appropriate the management plan includes lists of potential plant species along with an outline of propagation methods for some of the species.

The proposal for Worksite 5 includes commissioning a broad-brush survey by the selected specialist weed contractor, The brief for the works includes walking the creek-lines prior to commencing spraying work identifying and tagging significant native plants and identifying weeds and preferred eradication methods. The report will help inform a scope for phased works over a five-year forward-program of weed eradication and revegetation and assist landowners undertaking work on their own properties in support of the program.

Management plan

The Management Plan for this project includes a site map showing property boundaries and extent of the proposed work area. It also includes a baseline photographic record of the condition of the Sixth Creek and Sheoak Creek riparian zones prior to work commencing under this program.

Bridge to Scrub Reports

2024 Report

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