Worksite 4: Bridge to Ford

Commenced 2023

As one of the new sites in the landscape project Re-establishing Biodiversity in Sustainable Riparian Habitats of the Sixth Creek this worksite is contributing to the continuity of the riparian rehabilitation. It will extend the rehabilitation and regeneration work from Worksite 3 through to the ford on Valley Road and strengthen the rehabilitation of the small creek running into Sixth Creek where SCCG have previously removed Arundo.

Bridge to Ford Management Plan

A three year management plan has been prepared and can be viewed here.

Sixth Creek in Worksite 4

Bridge to Ford Reports

Reports on the progress occurring at the project site are compiled regularly to acknowledge the huge effort of volunteers, record significant events and as part of the acquittal process for the grants received by Sixth Creek Catchment Group. It is anticipated that the first report will be prepared in 2023.

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