Trial Sites – Understory Vegetation and Native Grasses

The Under-storey Vegetation and Native Grass Trial Sites are intended to give the Sixth Creek Catchment Group insight into better understorey revegetation in future projects and years.
As the group’s worksites have progressed with rehabilitation the importance of restoring/rehabilitating/protecting the vital, and often threatened,  under-storey throughout the regionhas become clear. Many of the worksites have historically had the understorey significantly altered by pressures such as grazing, agriculture, infrastructure building, and introduced plant species. Currently most of the Worksites have an understorey dominated by exotic rhizomatic and annual grasses as well as an increasing number of herbaceous and aquatic weeds. The two sites are intended to serve as:

  • experimental areas to trial weed control and native species selection
  • act as an educational tool for volunteers and the public and
  • serve as a seed and cutting collection area for future projects

Trial Site Reports

2024 Trial Sites Report

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