September 2016 Report


View from the bridge – showing reduced talweg depth and broadened stream bed. The Green Army are burning felled willows.




View from above the rocky cascade. Many of the remaining dead willow trunks and branches have been washed downstream. No significant erosion in this section.



Severe erosion on the “grassy flat” where dead willows which once lined the creek but have not been removed have obstructed flood water flow.



Typical view upstream of the project site close to the entrance to Merchants Road. Fallen trees across the creek have led to debris build up during flood and erosion risk.



Some slumping on the edge of Merchants Road downstream of rocky cascade. Note rocky debris in creek bed as a result of erosion upstream.



Long view along the creek showing poisoned willows still to be removed and consequent bank erosion and the general condition of the riparian zone following the flood.