Work Sites

What we do

Our aim is to rehabilitate Sixth Creek which is the only permanently flowing watercourse into the River Torrens. Located in the Eastern Mt Lofty Ranges Sixth Creek rises from its source near Uraidla and flows to its confluence with the River Torrens at Castambul. Our intention is to support and improve biodiversity through weed eradication and revegetation where appropriate.

Multiple projects sites comprise one landscape project titled Re-establishing Biodiversity in Sustainable Riparian Habitats of the Sixth Creek. The first of these sites on Merchants Road was established in 2011 with others added which have provided contiguous landcare along the upper and lower reaches of the Sixth Creek. Each site is managed by a coordinator who engages with a local volunteer group and maintains a reporting role to the Sixth Creek Management Committee. The SCCG envisages further worksites being supported if and when land owners and community members seek the support of Sixth Creek Catchment Group to rehabilitate their local Sixth Creek riparian area.

We engage with local communities and landowners who have a personal stake in their local environment as volunteers and now have several worksites along the creek which are being actively managed as shown on the attached Catchment Map.

As an incorporated body we apply for grants to support this volunteer effort and manage expenditure of those funds.

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