For detailed information visit the Waterwatch Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges website.

EPA Water Quality Testing

The Watershed Protection Office undertakes detailed monitoring of water quality in Sixth Creek at a site near Castambul. Have a look at the data here.

Frog Census

Frogs are very sensitive to pollution and other changes in their habitat, and actually provide us with an idea of how healthy a waterway might be, by their very presence. You can help provide a snapshot of how healthy your watercourse is by participating in the annual Frog Census. Check out the website for more information.

Echidna Watch

Over the last five years sighting reports from Echidna Watch participants have given scientists at the Pelican Lagoon Research & Wildlife Centre at Kangaroo Island, a baseline of data against which to study trends in echidna habits and survival. Scientists need your help to find out where and how many echidnas are still being seen.
You can help these scientists discover more about this mysterious monotreme by simply filling in an echidna watch survey form and sending it off to the experts who value any data they receive. Follow the link to the form or collect one from the AHNRC at Norton Summit.