Weeds in the Sixth Creek catchment are a major threat to all landholders in the area. They;

  • choke out watercourses
  • destroy native vegetation
  • impact on the viability of agriculture
  • are a major cause of bushfires, and
  • provide shelter for feral animals such as rabbits and foxes

Other indirect impacts caused by weed invasion are soil erosion, land slips and reduced water quality.

One of the main setbacks to weed control in the catchment is the steep and inaccessible nature of much of the land. This makes access with conventional weed control equipment difficult. The Group have developed strategies for controlling weeds in these areas and incorporates them into an annual on ground works program. It is important for landholders to understand that weed control is a long term process requiring follow up work over many years to achieve successful results.

For more information on weed control and different management techniques, click here.

Below are photos of some of the problem weeds in the catchment. Click on the one you have and find information on control & management strategies.