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In 1836, 23 species of native terrestrial mammals were known to inhabit the Southern Mount Lofty Ranges. Currently, only 14 can now be confirmed as resident within the region. This article will help you identify native mammals which could remain on your property, and how to tell the difference between a common rat and a precious bandicoot!

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A Guide to Track Construction

Are you thinking of building a track on your property? Once constructed, a track will last in the landscape for hundreds of years. Well sited and suitably constructed tracks are an asset to your property, while inappropriate tracks can lead to environmental damage and become an “eyesore” for the property.

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Colonising Natives – Reeds and Bulrush

People ofen think that if a plant is growing vigorously it must be a weed. But several native plants, frequently treated as weeds, could do with a bit more understanding. Principal among these are Reeds and Bulrushes that grow in wet places. They are cosmopolitan plants – these, or closely related species, are native to many places across the world.

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Revegetation Species List

The list below provides landowners with a suitable selection of local indigenous species so they can easily propagate seedlings for replanting. They can also collect local seeds for hand direct seeding processes.

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