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Summer in the catchment

Plan your control program for woody weeds like broom. You may need to slash access tracks in large thickets to make spraying a little easier in the summer months. 

Salvation Jane can still be treated at this time of year but it is best to contact your local NRM Board for best options. It is not wise to use hormone herbicides (MCPA or 2,4-D) at this time of year as the risk of drift and off target damage is high. It is always best to treat Salvation Jane during May/June/July when rosettes are small and more selective herbicides can be used (adapted from MLRAPCB website).

 Keep your eye on any known Monadenia (African Weed Orchid) sites on your property from now until December, and dig out any plants which pop up. Plants are characterised by a blue-green colour with maroon tinges to the leaves (contact the Adelaide Mt Lofty Natural Resources Management Board) or pick up a copy of the fact sheet produced by the Upper Torrens Landcare Group). 

Know your natives

Keep your eye out for the beautiful Purple Cockatoo (Glossodia major)

which is flowering in woodland areas at the moment.