The 6th Creek Catchment Group hope you find this website useful and of interest with the range of information provided on how to care for the water course and it’s riparian zones  as well as the riparian rehabilitation projects carried out by Sixth Creek Catchment volunteers. New volunteers are always welcomed and you are encouraged to contact us if you would like to be involved.

Spring in the Catchment

Spring has finally arrived in the catchment! You will begin to notice a lot of our native plants flowering in the next few weeks, along with our dreaded weeds! Now is a great time to get plants identified on your property. Here are some other things you can do….

Now is the ideal time to plan your control program for woody weeds like broom as their flowers give away their hiding spots! You may need to slash access tracks in large thickets to make spraying a little easier in the warmer months.

  • Wander around your property and try to identify your vegetation/weeds. Many plants are flowering at the moment and are easier to identify. If you need assistance, drop into the Natural Resource Centre at Norton Summit and use the Herbarium and reference books.
  • Any seedlings/plants you have for revegetation should be in the ground now. Make sure you keep the surrounding areas weeded to give them their best chance of survival.
  • Keep your eye on any known Monadenia (African Weed Orchid) sites on your property from now until December, and dig out any plants which pop up. Plants are characterised by a blue-green colour with maroon tinges to the leaves (contact your NRM AMLR or Council for more information). (Pictured: Monadenia)