Bird Surveys

The Sixth Creek flows through the Mount Lofty Ranges, an area that is nationally recognised for its ecological significance as one of Australia’s ‘biodiversity hotspots’. The Sixth Creek is bounded by private and government held landholdings which include native woodland, conservation parks, private lands used for orchards and agricultural use and private land where the focus is on rehabilitation and conservation.

In 2022 the Sixth Creek Catchment Group contracted Phil Barron of Barron Environmental to carry out surveys of bird populations. Bird species were surveyed in the Merchants Road and Lower Sixth Creek worksites and also on a reference site in Cherryville, where no rehabilitation work was started. 42 species were observed. This work has been carried out to support habitat restoration at the same time as we rehabilitate the Sixth Creek Watercourse.

Sixth Creek Bird Survey Report 2023

Revegetation Plant Species List for Sixth Creek Watercourse Rehabilitation – prepared by Phil Barron March 2023

Most commonly observed species in each of the survey areas
Worksite 1 Merchants RoadSuperb Fairy Wren
Grey Fantail
Yellow faced Honeyeater
Worksite 3 Lower Sixth CreekSuperb Fairy Wren
Tree Martin
Grey Fantail
Reference site mid Sixth CreekTree martin
White Brow Scrub Wren
Superb Fairy Wren
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